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Automated Casing Running Services

Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use this page to access Automated Casing Running Services information. Learn more about Nabors Services.

Tesco is the premier proprietary tubular running service provider. Tesco’s Casing Drive System™ (CDS™) is a mechanized casing running tool that has changed the way casing is run today. Tesco’s CDS creates a fundamentally superior process of getting the casing to total depth, on-time, every time without compromising string integrity. With this more automated equipment, less manpower and less equipment is needed for casing running operations, thereby reducing liability and increasing efficiency and safety.

Tesco’s innovative approach to drilling and tubular service technology brings significant improvements in safety, performance, reliability and efficiency during casing drilling and the tubular running operations.

Internal Casing Drive System
External Casing Drive System
Compact Casing Drive System
Interlock System
Torque Monitoring System
Stabbing Arm

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