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Offshore Completion Packages

Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use this page to access Offshore Completion Packages information. Learn more about Nabors Services.

Tesco offers conventional and proprietary Tubular Running Services for running production tubulars with or without control lines.

Conventional Tubular Running Services
Available on Tension Leg Platforms, Inland Barges, Jack Up Rigs and Floaters
Components of a package include the following services to be performed:
Hydraulic Pusher Arm System
Non-Marking Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA)
Weight Compensator
Torque Turn Monitoring

Proprietary Tubular Running Services
Available on Tension Leg Platforms, Jack Up Rigs, Floaters and Drill Ships
Components of the package include the following services to be performed:
MCLRS 6’ Scoping Unit
A-Frame System (Automated) with conventional elevators hydraulic compensator & ECDS System
Weight Compensator
Automated Cart System
Torque Turn Monitoring

A-Frame System

Design and Features:
Provides our customers with a single system to automatically manipulate the tong while having the ability to assist with placing the control line against the pipe
One-lift system with a simple and efficient rig-up/rig-down process that takes less than an hour
Accepts control lines from vertical or horizontal entry points
Eliminates working from heights
Can be used with a back-saver slip assembly or Flush Mount System with minimal modifications
Can be used with landing string and umbilicals
Designed for completion operations from a single zone to multi-zones

Control Line Pusher Arm

Design and Features:
Compact version of the A-Frame System, consisting of the cart, slips and pusher arm
Pushes the control lines to the pipe to secure control lines to pipe with clamps
Available for use at a 45° or 90° angle from the well center
Eliminates working from heights

Scoping MCLRS™

Design and Features:
Eliminates control lines in the tong area from overhead sheaves and running through slips
Simple and efficient rig-up/rig-down process that requires only three lifts and can be done in two and a half hours or less
Standard components make the MCLRS unit portable and versatile enough to fit most rigs
Guides can be positioned so that control line clamping can be performed from up to four sides 90° apart from each other
Efficiency is optimized as the tongs are operated remotely on the top platform
The unit’s small footprint maximizes rig floor space to increase efficiency of tubing running operations

Package Accessories

Automated Gravel Pack Cart System
Used on both conventional and proprietary packages
Allows personnel to move the tong forward, backward, up and down without hanging from a rig tugger line
Hands-free application means less personnel in the well center space
Eliminates pinch points

Gear Cart (Automated Tong Handler)
Adaptable enough to fit any IR Track system or rig or tong system
No rig tugger line required to hoist tongs up or down
Decreases the risk of hand injury
Can operate with the Tesco Belly Pack
Eliminates the Telescoping Arm
Utilizes dual activity rig building stands of tubulars
Can be used on the Main Rotary
Available sizes:
22” XHT 100K Tong with BU
14” DP 100K Tong with BU
8-⅝” DP 85K Tong with BU
5-½” UHT with integral backup

Remote System Belly Pack Electric/Hydraulic
Reduces personnel around the Main Rotary, also reducing hand placement and pinch points
Provides a built-in ESD switch
Adaptable to all Tesco automated systems (A-Frame, Gravel Pack Cart, Sliding Slip, etc.)
Utilizes a key for powering on/off
Employs secondary retention before allowing function of rotary slips
Provides operator with better mobility around the rig floor for clear line of sight

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