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Cementing Solutions

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Tesco Cement Swivel
Engineered to compliment Tesco’s Casing Drive System™ (CDS™), the Cement Swivel provides an entry port for the cement between the CDS and the top drive. This combination of equipment allows almost immediate transition from casing running operations to cementing, and it also allows the casing to be rotated and reciprocated during the cementing process.

Dynamic Cementation: casing rotation while cementing

Casing rotation while cementing
Reduces NPT
Improves mud displacement
Reduces channeling
Prevents gas migration
Provides better zonal isolation

Smaller size takes up less derrick space
Side port allows instant transition to cementing after running casing
2-½” bore allows easy flow of fluid and ball
Portable tee auto plug launching system (addition)
A 6-⅝” reg pin screws into the TesTork or directly into the Top Drive, allowing rotation of the entire casing string during the cementing operation
A 2-½” bore enables easy flow of fluids through the swivel via the Top Drive when rotation is not applicable and via side port during Dynamic Cementation
Side port entry allows the flow of fluid while cementing and automatic ball launching using Tesco’s ball launching assembly
A 6-⅝” reg box connection attaches to the Casing Drive System, or CRT, enabling casing running operations while the swivel is in place and allows for immediate transition to cementing after casing running

Cement Swivel
Feature Standard System Specification Hi-Pressure System Specification
Load Rating 600 Ton (with API 8C safety factor) Same as standard
Bore Size 2-½ in. Same as standard
Temperature Rating Shaft » -50 °C
High Pressure seals » -23 °C
Shaft » -50 °C
High Pressure seals » -23 °C
Side Port Connection 4” Fig. 1002 Female Hammer Union (Threaded Side) 3” Fig. 1502 Female Hammer Union (Threaded Side)
Ball Launcher Connections 2” Fig. 1502 Hammer Union 2” Fig. 1502 Hammer Union
Ball Launcher Pressure Rating 5,000 psi 10,000 psi

Cement Plug Launching System
Feature Standard System Specification Hi-Pressure System Specification
Cement Plug Range 4-½ in. to 13-³⁄₈ in. Same as standard
Ball Sizes 4-½ in. to 5-½ in. Casing » 1-³⁄₁₆ in. Ball
7 in. to 13-³⁄₈ in. Plugs » 1-½ in. Ball
Same as standard
Packer Cup Pressure Rating (with safety factor ≥ 2:1) 4-½ in. to 7 in. » 5,000 psi
7-⁵⁄₈ in. » 4,200 psi
8-⁵⁄₈ in. » 3,500 psi
9-⁵⁄₈ in. » 3,750 psi
10-¾ in. » 3,000 psi
11-¾ in. » 2,500 psi
13-³⁄₈ in. » 2,000 psi
4-½ in. to 7 in. » 10,000 psi
7-⁵⁄₈ in. » 10,000 psi
8-⁵⁄₈ in. » 10,000 psi
9-⁵⁄₈ in. » 10,000 psi
10-¾ in. » 10,000 psi
11-¾ in. » 10,000 psi
13-³⁄₈ in. » 10,000 psi
Max Working Pressure 5,000 psi 10,000 psi
Max Rotational Speed 50 rpm 30 rpm
Connection API 6-⁵⁄₈ in. Regular Pin Up
API 6-⁵⁄₈ in. Regular Box Down
API 6-⁵⁄₈ in. Regular Pin Up
API 6-⁵⁄₈ in. Regular Box Down
NC50 Pin Up
NC 50 Box Down

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