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Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use these pages to access historical rentals information. Learn more about Nabors rig equipment.

Our Rentals business line provides customers the flexibility to choose to rent equipment from the full range of Tesco’s top-of-the-line products offering. Whether looking to rent equipment while the original is being serviced or rent equipment for several jobs, Tesco won’t disappoint. As a convenience to customers, Tesco can send out complimentary spare parts with every rental unit to minimize downtime. Additionally, to decrease the daily operation costs, customers may choose whether or not their rental unit comes with a Tesco technician.

Tesco is the worldwide leader in Top Drive rentals. Our top drives come in capacities from 150 to 750 tons and from 400 to 1350 horsepower. This wide variety enables Tesco to meet every need, from large offshore or conventional derricks to small, truck-mounted units. In addition to being easy to transport and install with little or no modification to the rig, Tesco top drives are highly versatile.

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