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Delta Test Rig

As an industry leader in innovative product development and manufacturing, Tesco understands the importance of thoroughly testing new products prior to commercialization and field deployment. Tesco offers well intervention, product testing, and training at its state-of-the-art “Delta” Test Rig located in Houston, Texas.

Simulated and Controlled environment
Utilizing a test facility for alpha testing prior to beta testing and/or product commercialization allows the operator to avoid risks and costs associated with failures in an expensive and demanding drilling environment. It offers operators, service companies and oil and gas companies access to a controlled and simulated environment that emulates field conditions, without the associated financial risk or rig-time concerns.

Operate with confidence
When looking to compare performance of various tools and equipment under similar drilling or operating conditions, the controlled environment available at Tesco’s Delta Rig is invaluable. Not only does the Delta test rig provide controlled drilling conditions for testing new products, but it also provides a safe and simulated environment to ensure adequate training of personnel on the drilling rig and/or with new equipment.

The Tesco Difference
Fully functional test rig with a top drive and circulating system
Low-risk environment for testing and training on both Tesco and third-party products and services
Convenient Houston location reducing logistical costs and complications
Tesco provides high-value, unparalleled customer service at a competitive rate
All Test Rig employees participate in Tesco’s IADC Accredited Competency System

Technical Specifications
Vertical Depth 1,700 ft
Mast 115 ft Workable
Substructure 20 ft Box on Box Style
Static Hook Load 100,000 lbs
Standard Equipment Elevators, Slips, Bushings, Shaker
Drawworks 350 HP, AC Motor with VFD
Rotary Table NOV: 37.5, Not Powered
Pump Cont/Emsco F650, 3000 psig
Control Room Air Conditioned Observation Room
Wellhead Specifications 13-5/8” and 5,000 psig
Tubing Tongs On Request
Casing/Drill Pipe Tongs On Request
Top Drive System 500 ESI 1000 HP
Tank 150 barrel, appx 300 barrel “full” system
Hole 13-3/8” Surface Casing, 10-3/4” or Lower per Client Specification

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