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Compact Casing Drive System

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Similar to the full-sized Casing Drive System™, the Compact Casing Drive System™ (CCDS™) is a casing running tool that performs all of the same functions throughout casing operations.

The main difference between the CDS and its compact counterpart is that the CCDS is designed to allow automated make-up on smaller drilling rigs. At a load rating of 200 tons and easily adaptable to work with any top drive, this casing running tool is one of the most versatile on the market. Its small size allows the CCDS to be easily truck loaded and transported to and from location when necessary. Use the CCDS for an entire run, for making-up connections, as a fill-up tool, reaming casing or just on stand-by in case of stuck pipe.

Setting casing short of total depth due to hole obstructions
Stuck pipe when the casing string remains stationary too long
Well control situations due to hole surging or inadequate casing fill
Use of circulating swedges and risk of connection damage
Working pipe through tight spots, ledges or bridges by using power tongs to rotate the casing

Maximize Safety
Extending capabilities of the top drive system downhole, the CCDS also reduces risks associated with conventional casing running equipment and operation, such as:

Personnel working the stabber board
Power tongs, suspension lines or back-up lines in the derrick or on the rig floor
Elevated work platforms or scaffolding at the rig floor
Separate fill-up/circulating tool or line
Large traveling elevators
Additional equipment and personnel on the rig floor

Technical Specifications:
CCDS Imperial Metric
Length (Excluding Link-Tilt System) 6.7 ft 2.0 m
Width 1.3 ft >0.4 m
Size Range Zero String Weight Torque Capacity Hoist/Thrust Capacity Weight (with link tilt)
4 1/2 in.
114 mm
20,000 ft-lbs
27,116 N-m
158/20 ton
136/18 tonne
1700 lbs
772 kg
5 1/2 in.
140 mm
25,000 ft-lbs
33,895 N-m
220/20 ton
200/18 tonne
1720 lbs
781 kg
7 in. to 8 5/8 in.
178 mm to 244 mm
22,400 to 42,025 ft-lbs
30,370 to 56,978 N-m
366/20 ton
332/18 tonne
2700 lbs
1225 kg
9 5/8 in. to 13 3/8 in.
244 mm to 340 mm
40,110 to 65,000 ft-lbs
54,381 to 88,128 N-m
500/20 ton
454/18 tonne
2900 lbs
1315 kg
Utility Requirements:
Tool Size Top Connection Hydraulic Flow Hydraulic Pressure Top Drive ARB Mount
4 1/2 in. NC50 5.5 GPM 1,400 - 1,500 PSI YES - Per Rig Survey
5 1/2 in. NC50 5.5 GPM 1,400 - 1,500 PSI YES - Per Rig Survey
7 in. to 9 5/8 in. 6 5/8 in. Reg 5.5 GPM 1.400 - 2,000 PSI YES - Per Rig Survey
9 5/8 in. to 13 3/8 in. 6 5/8 in. Reg 5.5 GPM 1,400 - 2,000 PSI YES - Per Rig Survey

*All specifications are subject to customization and continuous product improvement.
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