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Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use these pages to access our historical product & equipment information. Learn more about Nabors Canrig-branded products & equipment.

Tesco’s product offering includes a variety of solutions for the drilling environment. Intelligently designed and built to last, Tesco products can be tailored to fit most rigs and are engineered to meet the demands of today’s challenging drilling environment. Ensuring quality and customer satisfaction are Tesco’s first priorities.

Casing Running Tools
As the inventors of the industry’s first casing running tool, Tesco understand the benefits of rotating and reciprocating during cementing operations. By running a Tesco Casing Drive System™ (CDS™), operators are able to reduce manpower on the rig and the chances of unscheduled downtime. These powerful products can not only save your casing string from problem areas, but can make routine running practices faster and more efficient.

Top Drives
Tesco’s history of innovation was established with the development of the world’s first portable top drive system. Tesco pioneered a technology that made modern drilling procedures available to most rigs. Our strategy has been, and always will be, to bring time and cost efficiency to any drilling application. Tesco has a large range of top drives available on the market, including electric, hydraulic and even custom-integrated models.

Tesco Automated Catwalk (TAC) systems transfer pipe to the rig floor in the safest, most reliable manner available. Made for adaptability and durability, TAC systems are able to deliver pipe closer to hole center than ever before. By using Tesco catwalks, operators and drilling contractors are able to save valuable time and increase productivity.

Wireless Torque, Turn and Tension Sensor
The TesTORK is Tesco’s solution for precision connection details when running casing or for high speed drilling data when drilling complex wells. The secure wireless connection and precision sensors eliminates the need for cables and encoders. Intuitive software and an easy to use interface ensures each casing connection meets the specifications of the tubular supplier. The TesTORK provides precision information required in today’s modern casing and drilling applications.

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