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Wireless Torque, Turn and Tension Sensor

Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use these pages to access historical wireless torque, turn and tension sensor information. Learn more about Nabors drilling software & technology.

Tesco’s wireless torque, turn and tension sensor, the TesTORK, delivers high speed, precision data to the user over a secure wireless connection. Designed for ease of use and field robustness, the TesTORK meets the demands of tubular services companies and drilling contractors alike. The system can provide accurate information for making up precision tubular connections or high resolution torque and speed data for complex drilling conditions.

The TesTORK Manager software provides users the ability to easily view live streaming data, make comments and review past connections to ensure the integrity of your casing string. Additional software features are being added to ensure the needs of the customer is being met.

Real-time monitoring of torque load applied by the top drive during casing connections
Torque load is measured against both time and the number of turns for each casing connection
Internal gyroscopes calculate turns in the TesTORK sub, thus eliminating the need for encoders
TesTORK software uses pass/fail analysis to classify connections – operator comments can be entered for any connection, but are required for failed connections
Operators can enter connection data of torque limits, turn values, and hold time for the shoulder and peak torque target
TesTORK is calibrated to measure between 0-50,000+ ft-lbs (+/- 6,779 daN-m) of torque
Torque, tension and turns zero settings can be calibrated on site – this is especially important for tension as different sized CRT tools can be “zeroed out”
Unique TesTORK serial number and calibration parameters are saved in order to check a device if there are discrepancies or accuracy questions
Even if connections are removed, TesTORK software will retain a backup of the information in the system
Auto hunt mode allows the TesTORK sub to easily establish a wireless connection with the Base Radio
Base Radio channel can be changed to avoid interference
The antenna may be placed outside the doghouse with strong magnet mounts, thus maintaining line-of-sight – this ensures continuous stable communications between the TesTORK sub and Base Radio
Temperature compensation ensures that there is no need to recalibrate at different temperatures
All cables are armored with UL/CSA flexible conduit
Rechargeable battery eliminates the need for expensive single use batteries

Please click here to contact a Tesco representative to learn more about the TesTORK system.

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