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Hydraulic Top Drives

Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use these pages to access historical top drive information. Learn more about Nabors Canrig-branded top drives.

Tesco’s range of top drives allows for the selection of a hydraulic or an electric powered unit. Each motor class comes with its own set of benefits which can be reviewed to select which option is more appropriate for a particular drilling environment.

A hydraulic top drive is powered using a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) to perform the necessary tasks required for drilling applications. Hydraulic top drives have a smaller footprint on the rig site when compared to its electric counterparts. Improved energy-storage capacity is also a benefit to choosing a hydraulic top drive for your rig.

Tesco’s current offering of Hydraulic Top Drives is shown above. If a particularly specific or challenging environment calls for a more customized solution, please contact your Tesco representative, and our team of engineers can work with you to design a custom-built hydraulic top drive to fit your needs.

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