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TAC 23

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The Tesco Automated Catwalk 23, or TAC 23, model is designed specifically for smaller drilling rigs and snubbing rigs. Unlike the other Tesco Automated Catwalk models, the TAC 23 is built to use only two scissoring arms when operating. This gives the benefit of having a smaller footprint on the rig site. Despite having only two arms, the TAC 23’s capabilities are not sacrificed as it still maintains the ability to present tubulars to any rig floor at heights up to 32 feet. It can be powered by a 75HP electrical hydraulic power unit (HPU) and has a lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds (3 tons).
Specifications and Dimensions
Rig Type Drilling/Workover/Snubbing
Drill Floor Height Range 4’ to 32’
Tubular Length Max Range III
Tubular OD Max 13 3/8”
Cycle Time 50 sec.
Transport Length 50’-10”
Transport Width 6’-8”
Transport Height 4’- 11”
Total Weight of Base Unit 50,000 lbs
Working Length 50’
Working Width 20’-6”
Working Height 32’
HPU Size 75 hp
Power Supply 50/60 Hertz 480v or 600v
PLC System Eaton
Gull Wings DS or ODS Available
4,500 or 10,000 lb. Winch N/A
Pipe Rack Indexers DS Available
Skate Tool Basket Available
V-Door N/A

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