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Casing Running Tools

Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use these pages to access historical casing running tools information. Learn more about Nabors rig equipment.

Casing running tools provide a mechanized, safe and cost-effective way to run and make-up casing. Tesco invites you to save on costs and avoid unnecessary risks by utilizing one of our Casing Drive Systems™ (CDS™). There are many benefits to adding a CDS to a drilling operation.

First, the purpose of every CDS model is to provide a mechanized way of running casing and ensuring that casing reaches bottom without fail. It has been proven that pipe rotation and reciprocation while cementing helps to achieve a more reliable and secure cement job. Tesco’s casing running tools provide the ability to rotate, circulate and reciprocate pipe simultaneously during cementing operations.

Oftentimes, casing running tools are only utilized in cases when pipe is stuck downhole. Tesco’s CDS tools can certainly handle challenging situations such as stuck pipe. However, the CDS is built for more. Tesco’s CDS works with the top drive to easily attain smooth make up with no bending load and with precise control on final torque. Rig up your CDS from the beginning of the job and collect the cost-saving and productivity benefits throughout the casing or cementing processes.

Tesco’s CDS also decreases the amount of equipment required onsite and provides safety benefits in several ways. A mechanized casing running tool replaces typical conventional equipment such as the power casing tong, casing elevators and spiders and a dedicated hydraulic power unit. This decreases manpower required, saves on equipment costs and provides a less cluttered, and thereby a safer, working environment. The CDS also eliminates the need to have a stabbing board operator working, which has been identified as a top factor that can cause lost-time incidents during operations.

Explore the range of casing running tools Tesco has to offer and find the CDS model that best fits your needs.

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