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Nabors recently acquired Tesco Corp. We are in the process of integrating and consolidating our web presence. Please use these pages to access historical aftermarket information. Learn more about Nabors services.

Beyond providing superior products, Tesco delivers exceptional Aftermarket support throughout the lifecycle of our customers’ equipment.

Tesco has strategically located, world-class support centers available 24/7. This is complimented by one of the industry’s largest top drive-dedicated, aftermarket spare parts inventories.

Tesco’s Aftermarket Sales & Service group is responsible for the installation, commissioning, and ongoing aftersales needs of your Tesco or non-Tesco top drive and automated pipe handling equipment.

Our Services include:
• Field service support including Level III Inspections
• Fleet management
• Tesco Level IV Recertifications
• Shop Services
• Spare Parts Support

Tesco is committed to providing value to our business partners by consistently delivering fast, cost effective, and quality solutions. Tesco leads the industry by continually elevating customer service standards.




TDS-11SA Torque Upgrade
Aftermarket Sales and Services
Automated Rig Controls
Tesco Torque Track Upgrade
Video and Animations

True Results

EXI 600 Upgrade Results in New Rig Contract
CRT Recertification - Neuquén
Offshore Top Drive Recertification
ST-80 Recertification
Tesco ARCTork ARCSlide Trial
First ARC Trials Successful

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For Tesco Direct Customers, we are pleased to offer our Tesco Customer Parts Catalog Portal system where customers can easily access account information, generate your own quote and order online.
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