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ULTREX Lubricants

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An advanced formula for maximum performance from a total additive package that sets it apart from all other lubricants in the market. 100% synthetic oils and greases that meet or exceed all OEM specifications and meet the TESCO standard of excellence.

ULTREX™ has the correct lubricants for your oilfield applications and is the OEM fill from the TESCO factory. All TESCO equipment has ULTREX™ in its gear cases, pump drives, hydraulic systems, engines, bearings and all friction points.

Superior protection for your equipment against heavy loads, dirt, dust, water, and heat.
Synthetic greases for extreme applications of heat, cold and high speed.
Gear and Bearing Oil with superior protection against leaking seals, dry starts, water contamination, oxidation and foaming that last UP TO 4 TIMES LONGER.
Synthetic multi-grade motor oils for Diesel or Gasoline engines; formulated for severe duty and extended drain intervals.
Product of choice hydraulic fluids formulated for severe duty and extended drain intervals to extend your equipment life.
Single weight Diesel or Gasoline engine oil, specifically formulated for oilfield equipment.

For detailed product information, please see the ULTREX™ Lubricant brochures by clicking on the icons in the resources column on the right side of your screen.


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