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Cooler, GHT348, 250psi/250°F, 380V, 50HZ, 3ph, 5HP, 215T
Part Number: 1120130
This valve is 3-ported, externally piloted and low leakage. The check section allows free flow from the directional valve (port 2) to the load (port 1), while normally blocking flow from port 1 to port 2.
Available: 1
Your Price: $8,500.00
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Transformer, 15kVA, 600/120-208VAC, 50/60Hz, 3Ph, CE/CSA/UL, NQT7
Part Number: 1280006
Designed for installation in harsh environment where efficiency and performance are key. It provides superior performance, compact effcient design and easy installation and hook-up.
Available: 15
Your Price: $2,500.00
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Transformer, Distribution, 480:120/208VAC, 6KVA, 3P, WP, Epoxy Fil
Part Number: 1310026
Rugged design for indoor or outdoor applications. Conduit knockouts on rear and side entry into an easily accessible and roomy wiring compartment.
Available: 5
Your Price: $925.00
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Resistor, Braking, 5 Ohm, 50kW, 10% Tolerance
Part Number: 1310171
Available: 2
Your Price: $12,687.00
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Transformer, Auto, 600:480VAC, 3 Ph, 60Hz, 900kVA
Part Number: 1310172
Available: 1
Your Price: $15,000.00
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Filter, Oil, Centrifugal, Spinner II, Model 200HD
Part Number: 13192
*Ultra-fine particule removal reduces wear up to 50%

*High efficiency maintains additive potency, extends oil life

*Large capacity extends oil drain and service intervals

*Oil-cleaning effectiveness extends full-flow filter life

Reduced oil and filter consumption cuts waste disposal costs
Available: 1
Your Price: $2,800.00
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Power Supply, 120VAC, 24VDC, 12.5A
Part Number: 13636
Includes active PFC control and comprehensive monitoring functions. Increases the power output up to five power unitsand can be connected in parallel without decoupling on the output side.
Available: 14
Your Price: $398.00
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Starter, Air, TDI T112, Detroit Diesel 12V2000
Part Number: 1420088
Robust steel alloy construction with no plastic or fragile parts. Aerodyamnic speed control design prevents starter over-speed. Cleans exhaust with no oily exhaust mist means emission compliance
Available: 1
Your Price: $4,500.00
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Motor, Hydraulic, 16.4CU IN, Parker
Part Number: 14269
Contains a power element that is pressure loaded against internal leakage for high volumetric effciency that will not degrade with use. It can provide 5215 lb-in of torque through a one-piece solid fixed axis shaft.
Available: 5
Your Price: $855.00
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Links, Elevator, 250T, 2-1/4"x108" (Set of Two)
Part Number: 14410
New Blohm + Voss Elevator Link Set - complete with documentation.
Available: 3
Your Price: $12,500.00
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