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Cord End, Female, Ext Thr, 14S Shell, 6S
Part Number: 1190009
Cable Connecting Plug
Available: 4
Your Price: $20.00
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Accumulator, 2.5-Gal, 3000-psi, 4.75" OD x 55" lg
Part Number: 81
Piston accumulators are highly-customizable and can handle much larger volumes and higher pressures and temperatures than many bladder accumulators. Additionally, a wider tolerance for the initial precharge setting allows for a higher fluid-to-gas ratio for certain applications. We also stock the accumulator filler chuck, and hose/gauge assembly.
Tested and listed according to UL Standard 489 and CSA standard C22.2 No. 5-02 for molded case circuit breakers and enclosures. Can be flush, surface or DIN rail mounted and has lugs at both ends.
Available: 6
Your Price: $650.00
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Union, Hammer, 2000-psi CWP, 1-1/4" x Thd, FIG206
Part Number: 531
NEW 2,000 PSI Figure 206 Threaded Hammer Unions. Discontinued product line - eager to sell.
Tested and listed according to UL Standard 489 and CSA standard C22.2 No. 5-02 for molded case circuit breakers and enclosures. Can be flush, surface or DIN rail mounted and has lugs at both ends.
Available: 52
Your Price: $40.00
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Starter, NEMA 1, 3Ø, W/120V Coil
Part Number: 2239
CR306C002. Simplicity and durability are key to the 300-Line. The unique design allows for contact inspection or coil change outs in just seconds, and contact replacement in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to use tools to remove the starter or contactor from the enclosure, or to remove control or power wires.
Available: 98
Your Price: $150.00
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Valve, Mudsaver, Dual Ball, Die Lock, 4-1/2" IF, BxB (4184-DB-IF-SER)
Part Number: 3104
NEW Hi-Kalibre Band Top Drive Drill Stem Safety Valves (DSSV) are widely used for both blow out prevention and mud control during drilling operations.
Available: 2
Your Price: $5,500.00
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Connector, Cable, 90°Elb, 1-1/4", SR, (1.187" - 1.375")
Part Number: 4100
UL Listed as liquidlight strain relief and outlet bushing. CSA certified watertight.
Available: 25
Your Price: $20.00
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Light Set, 8x100W Incan, 120VAC, 50/60Hz
Part Number: 4529
In - Line set of 8 Incandescent lights, protected with plastic and wire. Aproximately 40' of light coverage. Heavy duty 14/3C cable, 100W bulbs, Rated for Zone 2.
The Blohm + Voss VES-CL Elevator is designed with strength and safety factors in accordance with API Section 8C - Regulations and is used for handling long, heavy string drill pipes.
Available: 4
Your Price: $150.00
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Filter, Oil, Centrifugal, Spinner II, Model 60SE
Part Number: 4765
The Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuge is a permanent, reusable bypass filtration unit for diesel engines. It's used in addition to the full-flow oil filter to keep oil cleaner, make oil and filters last longer, and protect engines better.
Available: 15
Your Price: $750.00
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Part Number: 6018
Detroit Diesel Series 60 (600HP) – Complete Industrial Radiator. If you have a HMI Top Drive and a series 60 Engine, we are offering a NEW replacemetn radiator at BELOW COST.
Available: 3
Your Price: $4,900.00
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Insert, 4-1/2"IEU, 18°, VES-CL 350/500 Elevator
Part Number: 8396
NEW - elevator insert. Insert is placed into Tesco's hydraulic actuated elevators, to reduce bowl 'wear' and increase elevator working life. We have several other sizes to accomadate any drill string.
Inherently self-aligning and very robust.
Available: 5
Your Price: $3,500.00
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