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GoBook Computer model XR-1 IX270
Part Number: 1190002
If work takes you outside in elements that keep other people in the office, bring the GoBook XR-1 Rugged Notebook that's as prepared as you are. Designed to handle all kinds of weather and working conditions with the performance and connectivity you've come to expect from General Dynamics Itronix computers
Available: 2
Your Price: $4,500.00 or offers
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Cylinder, Hydraulic, 3-1/2" Bore, 1-1/2" Rod, 6" Stroke
Part Number: 481075
Telemetiy lrom Sei1sor Sub to Receiver.
lnteuated Meastrernents of Torque, T Mlion and Turns il a Single Sei1sor.
field PrOYefl and Reiable with Teflljlefature Compensated Strain Gauge Technology.
Two ChaMels for Redundant Measurements.
Compatible with Popular lndustiy Torque-Tum Software.
Connection Size and Length Manufactured to your Specification.
Individual Calibration Certifications ProvXled with each TTS
Available: 6
Your Price: $600.00 or offers
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Chest, Storage, 29" Highx 30" Widex 48" Long, Model 4830
Part Number: 990374
Jobmaster Hinged Lid Jobsite Chest, 30 in Width, 48 in Length, 29 in Height, Capacity: 25.25 cu-ft, 3-Point Latch and Recessed Lock, Steel, Powder Coated, Tan, 28.25 in Closed Height
Available: 0
Your Price: $500.00
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