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No matter your drilling application, there’s an ARC for that.

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What is ARC?
Tesco’s Automated Rig Controls (ARC) is a suite of specialty software applications designed and proven to optimize drilling performance. ARC consists of four programs for the drill site: ARCTork™, ARCSlide™, ARCFit™ and ARCGuide™. The ARC system can be implemented into any electric top drive VFD system. The only hardware required is a computer, a communication box and sensors, which can typically be installed in less than an hour without interrupting rig operations.

Mitigate stick-slip and torsional vibrations by installing ARCTork on your rig. Beating rotary steerable systems by a landslide in accuracy, reliability and performance - without the expensive, bulky equipment - ARCTork greatly reduces nonproductive time, maximizes rate of penetration and extends the life of your bit and BHA tools.

Intelligent control algorithms automate drill string rotation and reduce friction between drill pipe and the well bore, increasing weight on bit and boosting rate of penetration. Additionally, ARCSlide automates precise control of downhole tool face orientation at all times.

Sensors monitor critical rig components such as pressures, temperatures, shock vibration and more, then display them to be viewed anywhere on any computer or mobile device. Data tracking and limit alerts ensure equipment is operating optimally and allow for more efficient preventative maintenance.

Upload your well plan and let ARCGuide do the rest. Using real-time drilling data, the software automatically calculates wellbore trajectory and adjusts the top drive’s control system to precisely steer the drill string. This increases accuracy and drilling efficiency by minimizing the need for well path course corrections.

ARC improves any drilling application providing the following benefits and more!

dot Automates manual processes
dot Improves drilling performance
dot Reduces equipment damage
dot Improves borehole equality
dot Maximizes weight on bit
dot Improves rate of penetration
dot Provides onsite and remote access to rig data and analysis

There’s an ARC for that
Rotary Drilling
In some situations, bit-formation interaction causes a phenomenon called “stick-slip” where the bit stops drilling or “sticks” while weight on bit continues to be applied. As the top drive continues to rotate, the torque loading on the drill string causes the bit to eventually release or “slip” causing a dramatic increase in rotational speed. With the touch of a button, ARCTork mitigates this problem by analyzing system variables, constantly adjusting top drive VFD parameters to lessen the impact of stick-slip. This also enhances the mechanical specific energy to be more consistently focused towards the bit.
Slide drilling is used to create shallow wells with long horizontal sections for SAGD oil recovery operations. The complexity of the SAGD well plan makes it difficult to transfer and maintain the desired weight on bit resulting in reduced drilling performance. Traditionally, this has been overcome by the drilling operator manually oscillating the drill string in order to reduce the drag of the drill pipe against the wellbore. ARCSlide automates the oscillation process, making it more accurate by removing the rigors of manually counting and tracking pipe rotations. In addition, ARCSlide can be utilized when running liner.
Slide Drilling
In directional drilling, sliding is the most common method used to build and control hole angle, typically performed with the use of a mud motor or rotary steerable system. ARCSlide can run in conjunction with a mud motor eliminating the need for an agitator tool which is known for causing extreme damage to drill bits and BHA tools. ARCSlide completely eliminates the need for a rotary steerable system, which are expensive and not always consistent. With less stress and wear being put on the drill bit, BHA life is extended and the need to trip due to drill bit failure is greatly reduced.
Green Hard Hats
Every program in the ARC suite of drilling optimization tools is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for new users to pick up and learn. ARC also automates several drilling processes, requiring less time and attention from the driller who can now shift his attention to other tasks.
Effective Maintenance
ARCFit uses a set of sensors to monitor and collect data on equipment such as the top drive, mud pump and other various drilling systems. The resulting information, coupled with a complimentary preventative maintenance program, helps the drilling staff understand important aspects of rig equipment, including shock analysis, hydraulic oil monitoring and high temperature alerts. This ensures that maintenance is planned for equipment only when needed, not prematurely or after equipment is already damaged beyond repair. Data may be viewed in real-time on location or offsite through Tesco’s web portal.


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